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Laura’s Raw Honey produces unfiltered, unheated honey, providing her quality honey to the upstate New York area since 2015. Her products are sourced from her 1000+ beehives, where her bees are nurtured and cultivated to provide the finest honey.

Laura hand prepares every batch of raw honey from hive to finished product.

Pure, raw, unfiltered local honey

Laura’s Raw Honey was started in 2015 by Laura Doan, a 4th generation beekeeper in the Doan Family in Hamlin, NY. She provides local, raw, unprocessed honey to businesses and customers all over Upstate NY and the United States.

Raw honey has been cultivated for thousands of years for its incredible health benefits and wide array of applications from medical aide to a healthy sweetener. It’s only been with the advent of manufacturing that honey became processed, filtered, and commoditized, stripping many of the beneficial properties that come with the natural polinization process. Laura prides herself in providing raw, unprocessed, unheated, natural honey to her customers.

You truly don’t know how wonderful honey can taste until you taste your favorite flower honey in it’s raw, unprocessed form!

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While some honeys taste very similar to their source, honey does not necessarily taste like the fruit of the plant. Honeys are based on the nectar of the flower, not on the infusion of the fruit of the plant. Sometimes there’s a close correlation, sometimes not. Any plant that can be pollinated can effect the flavor of honey and carry with it its own flavors. Below are a few of our most popular honey flavors!


A few words from some of our amazing honey fans!

I purchased 1 lb of Cranberry Blossom honey from Laura’s at the Boston Flower and Garden Show. I should have bought 5! This honey was so amazing, I went through it in just over a week! I’m so excited for my shipment of more to come in. Thank you for ethically sourcing delicious honey! Keep our bees safe!

Jessica Constantino, Boston, MA

I never thought there was much difference in the taste of honey but I was very wrong. This is the best honey I have ever had in my life!!

Mary Anne Delcour

I absolutely love this honey I lived in Buffalo NY bought this honey moved to Arizona couldn’t find any honey that was close to this honey so…… I order through the mail so thankful to have this honey as it also aids me with healing my illnesses: MTHFR, MS, IBS, and allergies I truly believe the honey plays a role in keeping these medical illnesses in check! Thank you Doans!

Alison Albuquerque, Arizona


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