"I love this honey. We bake with the Raw honey and love it in my tea. And if you are ever lucky enough to try the honeycomb it's marvelous!! On top of having a great staff who really cares about their bees and the honey they make"

Alaiya Tuntemeke

The best honey ever

Chris L

Best customer service I’ve ever had, and the honey spread is just so good on my toast! - Kyle Bosdyk
I absolutely love this honey I lived in Buffalo NY bought this honey moved to Arizona couldn’t find any honey that was close to this honey so...... I order through the mail so thankful to have this honey as it also aids me with healing my illnesses: MTHFR, MS,IBS, and allergies I truly believe the honey plays a role in keeping these medical illnesses in check! Thank you Doans!

Allson Albequeque

Laura's honey is amazing! Best I have ever had. I swear that it has kept me from getting sick so far this year.

James Dickinson

Just opened up and tried my honey spread that I purchased at the Hamlin Wheelfest. It is GOOD!

James RL Craft

The honey is the best I've had, and being a homegrown business makes it all the better!! The honey has been a life-saver by soothing my sore throat and sweetening my tea!

Bryce Gebhardt

I had samples last weekend in Ellicottville. It’s amazing honey!!!! I just placed my order for three jars and can’t wait for it to arrive. I’ll add it to my honey window. Thanks for a great product!

Kim Fidducia

I never thought there was much difference in the taste of honey but I was very wrong. This is the best honey I have ever had in my life!!

Mary Ann Delcour

Outstanding customer service, many amazing choices, and local!! Highly recommended.

Ashley Monney