Laura builds all her own beehives by hand, nurturing and cultivating a home for hundreds of thousands of bees—and her apiary is growing. As her hives grow in population, she adds tiers to every hive to give the bees more room to build. Different plants flower at different times throughout the season, but once the honey is ready she hand prepares and packages every jar of honey from hive to bottle.

Laura’s lifelong passion for bees and honey inspired Laura’s Raw Honey

Pure, raw, unfiltered local honey

Laura’s Raw Honey was started in 2015 by Laura Doan, a 4th generation beekeeper in the Doan Family in Hamlin, NY. She provides local, raw, unprocessed honey to businesses and customers all over Upstate NY and the United States.

Raw honey has been cultivated for thousands of years for its incredible health benefits and wide array of applications from medical aide to a healthy sweetener. It’s only been with the advent of manufacturing that honey became processed, filtered, and commoditized, stripping many of the beneficial properties that come with the natural polinization process. Laura prides herself in providing raw, unprocessed, unheated, natural honey to her customers.

You truly don’t know how wonderful honey can taste until you taste your favorite flower honey in it’s raw, unprocessed form!

Laura’s hives are hand-built and cared for all throughout the year.

Laura’s hive spend all winter up north

Bees can withstand the extreme cold temperatures in the winter. Some beekeepers will bring hives south for the winter, but Laura’s hives spend all winter in upstate NY. To help them withstand the colder temperatures, Laura insulates the hives in the colder months.

Over 4 generations of honey farms

Laura comes from 4 generations of family-owned honey farms, continuing the tradition and evolving the practice in her own way. Her focus is on providing truly raw honey–no heating or processing.

Laura inspecting the nursery layer of the hive where new bees are hatched.

All Laura’s hives are located in her apiary in rural Williamson, NY

Bees can travel up to 3 miles on their busy day-to-day adventures to collect pollen and return it to the hive. Laura’s apiary (bee farm) is located in the rural countryside of Williamson, NY, surrounded by woods, farms, and of course, plenty of flowering plants.

Laura’s hives each have multiple hive tiers added as the hives grow.

Laura helps grow her colonies

All of Laura’s hives are hand built and painted, designed specifically to attract bees, and give them a comfortable and safe environment to build their colony. As the colonies grow, she adds new boxes on top of existing hives to give the colonies more space to expand. 


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